Key Staff

   Luay R. Joudeh, P.E.

   Doug J. Coombes, P.L.S.
   Survey Department Manager

   Maher A. Joudi, P.E.
   Director of Engineering, Principal

   Walt J. Shostak, P.E.
   Sr. Project Engineer, V.P.

   Royce L. Jackson
   Vice President of Admin. Srvc.


Luay R. Joudeh, P.E., President

Luay has over 24 years of civil engineering experience and is President of D. R. STRONG. His areas of expertise include hydrologic and hydraulic engineering, stormwater flow control modeling, wastewater treatment and disposal systems design, water supply and distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, site grading, and the design of road and other land development related elements. Luay's expertise also extends to subdivision planning and project management, and he has served as a project engineer for a variety of institutional, commercial, and residential projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • Rock Creek Planning and Engineering Services, Marysville, WA - Project planning, design of temporary and long-term erosion control measures, grading, road design, storm drainage run-off, water quality and conveyance systems design.
  • Meredith Park Land Use Feasibility Study, King County - Land development feasibility study and subdivision planning.
  • North Camden Overland Conveyance System, King County - Design of an above-ground conveyance system that included a sag point.



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