About Us

At D.R. STRONG you will find an excellent team of highly skilled, talented, and motivated engineers, surveyors, planners, and support staff. We stay current with the ever-evolving trends in technology, industry standards, state, regional, county, and municipality regulations to fulfill all of your consulting needs. DRS strives to find the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and most appropriate solutions to all of your projects.

Professional Experience

Luay R. Joudeh, P.E.



B.S. in Civil Engineering,
University of Damascus
Post Graduate Courses,
University of Washington


Luay is the firm’s President & one of the Principals with over 35 years of experience in hydrologic and hydraulic engineering, stormwater flow control modeling, wastewater treatment, and disposal systems design, water supply and distribution systems design, sanitary sewer collection systems design, site grading, subdivision planning, and project management. He has completed designs for a variety of institutional, commercial and residential projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Maher A. Joudi, P.E.

General Manager


B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering,
University of Washington


Maher has over 20 years of experience in the fields of civil engineering and land surveying. He began his career with D.R. STRONG Consulting Engineers Inc. as an intern in 2001. Maher is a Principal and Sr. Vice President of the firm. He also serves as the General Manager overseeing projects ranging from small subdivisions to high rise buildings.

Douglas J. Coombes, P.L.S.

Director of Surveying


Doug has over 30 years of experience in the field of surveying and is currently the Director of Surveying at D.R. STRONG. While at D.R. STRONG Doug advanced in his position to become a Sr. Vice President. He possesses excellent communication skills with clients, public agencies and team members. Doug is skilled with many computer and survey equipment technologies including Global Positioning Systems, robotic instrumentation, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and Carlson software.

Yoshio L. Piediscalzi, P.E.

Director of Engineering


B.S. Civil Engineering,
Illinois Institute of Technology
B.S. Mathematics,
Illinois Institute of Technology


Yosh has been a valuable part of the DRS team for over 10 years. Due to his exemplary project skills, dedication, and proficiency Yosh was awarded the status of Sr. Vice President. He continued his career advancement by becoming the Director of Engineering and one of the firm's Principals. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with engineering experience in site development, subdivisions, short plats, single-family residential and commercial projects.

Jonathan S. Murray, P.E.

Sr. Project Engineer


B.S. in Civil Engineering,
University of Washington


Jonathan has been a member of the DRS team for the last 8 years and has over a decade of civil engineering experience. He has been a licensed Professional Engineer since 2012 with experience in residential and commercial site development, subdivisions, short plats, and utilities. Jonathan currently holds the position of Sr. Project Engineer and works with clients, jurisdictions and other professionals starting projects at the concept stage and ending with the final construction-ready plans.

James G. Reichhoff, P.L.S.

Sr. Project Surveyor


B.S. Geography,
University of Wisconsin


Jim is a Professional Land Surveyor (P.L.S.) and Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS) in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Wisconsin. He has over 30 years of survey experience in right of way, utility, residential development (single-family & multi-family), commercial development, platting, cadastral, and construction staking. Jim has managed and participated in project teams completing a wide variety of survey projects for federal, state, regional, county and municipal authorities. Jim is also experienced in the public sector with private residential and commercial clients.

Dale A. Smith, P.L.S.

Project Surveyor


B.S. Forest Management,
Purdue University


Dale is a Professional Land Surveyor (P.L.S.) in Washington State. He has over 20 years’ experience in a variety of survey projects. These include right of way, utility, residential development (single-family and multi-family), commercial development, platting, and construction staking survey services. Dale has participated in project teams to complete a variety of survey projects for state and regional authorities, utility providers, and private clients (residential and commercial).

LeAnn C. Smith

Admin Manager


Associate of Science,
Spokane Community College


LeAnn began her career at D.R. STRONG in 2013 as an Administrative Assistant. She became the Accounting Manager after working as Contract Administrator & Engineering Technician at DRS. Before working for D.R. STRONG, she worked as a Church Secretary, Accounts payable & Payroll at Rivers West Contractors, and a variety of positions in medical establishments.

Taegan D. Fogg

Office Manager, IT & HR


B.A. in General Management,
Eastern Washington University
B.A. in Human Resource Management,
Eastern Washington University


Taegan started his career at D.R. STRONG in 2013 as the firms’ Office Manager. He has since advanced at DRS to be the firm’s IT & HR as well. Before working for D.R. STRONG, Taegan started working in retail at Safeway in 1999. He has worked for several retail companies including Safeway, Boater’s World, Home Depot and The General Store in Spokane until he started his professional career as a Banker at J. P. Morgan Chase bank in 2010. Taegan has been with the firm for over 8 years and strives to find the most efficient, cost-effective and long term solutions for all aspects of his job.